What we do

NS is a new word in diagnostics of mobile devices functionality.

We developed NS test to help participants of the used phones trading market to check their goods more qualitatively, quickly and easily. NS is a complex solution with automatic and user-assisted tests for iOS and Android devices. It allows to avoid most returns and to save time and money. We created NS in close cooperation with the wholesale traders of used phones to ensure that the product matches all the needs of the industry and is easy to use.

Our Advantages:

  • Any Platform
  • our software works perfectly both with iOS and Android devices
  • Extensive device information
  • NS know all about device, including locks, spec, vendor status, jail, carrier
  • Work from anywhere
  • web solution and control panel is available from any device with Internet access
  • Smart navigation
  • our solution allows you to fully test a device even if its touchscreen or buttons do not function.
  • Super fast
  • less than one minute are required to test one device
  • Big processing volume
  • you can connect up to 60 devices simultaneously to one PC
  • Quick data erasure
  • erase all data in a couple of minutes from up to 60 devices simultaneously
  • Friendly interface
  • Easy to install, easy to use

What's needed:

  • PC with windows 7 or higher
  • Internet access
  • USB hubs to simultaneously check multiple devices
  • Printer if you would like to print lables immediately
  • 30sec to send us request
Result guarantee

Over 30 tests for each platform:

iOs & Android All functions will be tested, such as all buttons, all speakers and mics, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer, proximity, touch, multi-touch, 3d touch, pixels, cameras and many others.

Result guarantee

It's close to impossible to misinform the program: most tests are automatic and the others are "smart-assisted". For example, tester will have to select the right sound the program has played or to perform a task touching the phone screen.

NS test is provided by high quality standards and compliant with international certificates.
Data Erasure provides NIST SP 800-88 (Rev. 1) Guidelines for Media Sanitization (Clear and Purge methods).

NIST certificate
Over 30 tests
Full info about the phone

Full info about the phone:

You are getting the fullest info about device, such as vendor state, carrier, iCloud Lock, Jailbreak/Root, Spec, etc

Few seconds to find any data:

You have an access from any device at any time. Thanks to our smart data base system, you can quickly source, filter, catalogue and export any info about devices.

Few seconds to find any data

Who use it

Wholesale comapany

Wholesale companies

Wholesale companies operating on a big scale can improve their revenue with faster QC process and optimized workflows. Wholesalers use NS test to diagnose big volumes of used phones every day. They process more devices faster and save money using automated software instead of manual work. Also, automated testing eliminates human errors and cuts additional costs associated with them.



With a focus on the end consumer satisfaction, retailers often use software to reduce a percentage of returned devices. Our software helps them to fully diagnose device's functionality and makes sure their customers have nothing to worry about.



Our software fully tests used devices and checks over 30 functional options on iOS & Android devices, including tablets. Also, NS test makes clearing a device from previous data easier - you can clear 60 devices simultaneously in just a few minutes. So, recyclers speed up the preparation of devices for reselling and improve their quality.

Repair services

Repair services

Repair services may spend up to 50% of their time just to spot the reason of the device malfunction. With NS test you can identify all potential problems in a couple of minutes. Repair services can repair mobile devices faster with our testing solution. They get an opportunity to process more devices per day and minimize returns which increases customer satisfaction and boosts their revenue.

Cellular Network Operators

Mobile Network Operators

Selling a lot of phones and providing a variety of services including phone upgrades, cellular network operators have to deal with many used devices. However, they require a lot of labor and time. The software cuts their costs on used devices processing and increases profit from this source of revenue. By reducing the time needed for QC and increasing quality of diagnostics, cellular network operators can provide a wide variety of services to its customers and make more money on reselling used devices.

Buyback Providers

Buyback Providers

The "buy back" industry is rapidly developing and expanding, and the market becomes very competitive. The most successful buyback providers use software to improve their workflows and to get a competitive advantage. We provide them with the solution that makes internal processes better and increases overall product quality. With trusted software, they receive positive feedback from customers that boosts the growth of their customer base and makes them confident in results.

Special offers

Partnership program

NS test is the fastest growing platform for used mobile devices diagnostics. Join our partnership program today and earn money without a hassle. We pay attractive commissions to our partners, offer flexible terms, and are committed to providing the best-in-class product.

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MWC 2018 is the worlds largest gathering for mobile industry took place in Barcelona 26 Feb - 1 Mar 2018

The exhibition attracted the finest and the most competitive companies of the market from all over the world. This powerful mix of capabilities let us to meet most of our valid customers. With some of them, it was the first face-to-face meeting after long months of successful cooperation and we really appreciate it! Technological developments require partnership and collaboration. Companies know no borders trading across the globe. For all participants of MWC it was a great opportunity to show their products and innovations to potential partners and customers, so we did. The impression makes up from details the result makes up from hard work! Thanks everyone for great experience and future perspective to cooperate and transform our businesses in a better way!


CES January 9-12, 2018 Las Vegas

CES is an international show and one of the world's largest trade fairs for consumer electronics. International renowned manufacturers in the electronics industry perform there annually the latest products from the Consumer Electronics Show and the future trends.
Our team is back from CES and ready to share the latest trends of mobile devices industry in 2018. There are the most perspective directions:

  • Mobile innovations
  • Development of mobile devices applications
  • Opened mobile systems
  • Mobile internet
  • Mobile entertainments

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Z-Empire’s Electronics Networking Convention, 13th-16th of November 2017, Cyprus.

On the 13th-16th of November 2017, we had a great opportunity to participate in Z-Empire’s Electronics Networking Convention. By inviting the world’s biggest electronics related companies and covering all aspects from manufacturers, distributors, resellers, retailers and traders, we ensure that such a convention was really worth to take part. Top companies from all over the world gathered to network and increase business.

Via the participation, we had a chance to enhance our relations with some of the biggest electronics distributors. Moreover, participants were more focused and mostly only, the key decision makers of each company were invited. Our team appreciates such a great opportunity to meet our customers face to face and team up with new potential partners!


GITEX 2017, Dubai, UAE, 08-12 October 2017

GITEX is an annual consumer computer and electronics trade show. It took place in Dubai (UAE) 08-12 Oct 2017 known as dynamic innovation hub and got together more than 4500 exhibitors, the emerging tech that shapes the world and changes the face of our business and level of our services. Our professional team appreciated to participate. Our exhibition booth was one of the most popular there to visit. Potential consumers could experience the brightest and the best organization, they could get involved in our processes to find out the way to rise their profit due faster optimized processes. Middle East region is important for us because people are willing to try new things there, it’s ideal for any company to innovate there. Via the participation we teamed up with the world’s leading companies from Middle East region to offer them our NS software product based on experts’ knowledges and our hard-working experience, including modern technologies, innovations and trends. It was really an amazing journey through unbelievable tech with consumers and partners to make step in future together. Thank you so much for trust!


MWCA/CTIA, San Francisco, USA, 12-14 September 2017

Neva Systems will exhibited in MWCA/CTIA, San Francisco, USA, 12-14 September 2017. Visit us at Gsm Exchange pavilion, booth # W800-01. Reach out our team and learn why NS test can help reduce RMA's and improve workflows. We will be happy to meet you!


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